Tips and tricks for machine washing denim

Tips and tricks for machine washing denim

To wash or not to wash, its up to you.

Here is our guidance on how to better care for your denim.

How often? We prefer the first wash to be around 6 months of wearing, by then the denim is quite dirty and you will have developed creases for fades and broken in a proper fit. Then wash after every 3 months of wearing to maintain the denim fibers clean and oil/dirt free (less breakage).

The DDR Method: Empty pockets and wash inside out on a cold cycle. Wash up to 3 jeans on a extra large load.

Detergent - less than you think especially if you are using concentrated detergent. Vinegar (1/2 cup) is highly recommend to retain color and neutralize any smells.

As soon as the cycle is complete, remove from the drum to prevent any marbling. (No spin if possible). Hang dry, hand press/pull out any fold or wrinkles.

Air dry. Press with iron for a nice crisp look


Pro-tip: "I like to garment steam my jeans before wearing, steaming helps freshen the fibers between washes and makes my outfits look more put together. Lint brushing after wearing also preserves the need to wash and allows me to notice any sign of distressing before a major tear. " - Belinda

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