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What is a Chainstitch Hem?

A chainstitch hem is a specific type of hem traditionally used on jeans and other denim garments. Here's what you need to know:

Yes, we have a Union Special 43200g.


  • Stitch: It's created using a chain stitch, which looks like a series of interlocking loops on the underside of the fabric.
  • Appearance: On the top side, there's just a single line of stitching, similar to a straight stitch.
  • Strength: Chain stitches are very strong and durable, making them ideal for garments that experience a lot of wear and tear, like jeans.
  • Roping effect: Over time, with wear and washing, the chain stitch can create a characteristic "roping" effect along the hem, which is a desired aesthetic for many denim enthusiasts.
  • Traditional look: Chain stitch hemming is the traditional method used on jeans, giving them an authentic, vintage look.

Where to Find Chain Stitch Hems:

  • High-quality denim: Most high-end or artisan-made denim jeans will have chain stitch hems.
  • Tailoring services: Tailors specializing in denim alterations often offer chain stitch hemming services, usually with a Union Special 43200g available at Dallas Denim Repair.
  • Specialized machines: Some sewing machines are specifically designed for chain stitch hemming, but these are less common for home use. Chain stitch hemming is generally more expensive than other types of hemming due to the specialized equipment and skill required.

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 Example on a vintage Levi's from 1976

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